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Kitchen Towels


Kitchen Towels

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Kitchen Towels


These Jacquard or Dobby weave Tea Towel employ a fresh design palette to update a Arabic Tradition that was popular in the 19th Century. A complex arrangement of yarns is required to achieve the rich effect of the heavy weave, 100% cotton.

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One of the most important but least thought about kitchen accoutrements is the kitchen towel. Available in a variety of attractive colours and patterns, kitchen towels can extend or complement the décor of the kitchen. But that is not their main function. To maintain a sanitary and efficient kitchen, several different types of kitchen towels, suited to different purposes, should be available.


The following type of towel should be available in one’s kitchen:

  • 1. Dish towels for drying dishes, pots and pans, and kitchen implements after hand washing or dishwasher cleaning
  • 2. Glassware or tea towels
  • 3. Hand towels for drying hands
  • 4. Counter towels or bar mop towels for drying counters, cleaning up spills, etc.



Kitchen towels with different uses should be kept separate and not used for multiple purposes. Laundering the towels daily is another step to help ensure cleanliness.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 31 × 46 cm


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